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Artisan Cheeses

Developed by our own cheesemakers or specially made by guest cheesemakers, these unique varieties have their own dedicated following.  Cheesemakers in Wisconsin are constantly innovating.  Check back for more delicious inventions and experiments.  

Interested in ordering Artisan Cheese? See the Ordering Information for mail order pricing. Or call us for more information.


Fresh Water Buffalo Mozzarella

We are very excited to introduce the only Fresh Water Buffalo Mozzarella in Wisconsin, and one of the very few in the country!

 The cheese came about as a collaboration between Cedar Grove Cheese and Wisconsin water buffalo farmer Dubi Ayalon.  The result is a traditional-style Mozzarella di Bufala, with a fresh, delicate flavor and elastic texture.

The mozzarella cheese is made in wheels and stretched into balls. Wedges from the wheels are drier and good for shredding on pizza, while the balls are soft and good for slicing, for fresh basil-tomato salad, topping on pizza, or plain eating. We are also experimenting with a Water Buffalo Cheddar (this is Wisconsin, after all!)

Quantities are limited to the amount of milk given by the buffaloes.  

Water Buffalo Press

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel describes what it's like raising and milking a "wild animal" with sharp horns, several tons of weight, and a mind of its own. There are some great pictures accompanying the article. Read it here and check out their Photo Gallery!

There is an excellent and very entertaining article by Jeanne Carpenter of The Cheese Underground about the cheese and the farm.  Read it by following the link here.  

Artisan Cheese Varieties

Weird Sisters  Water Buffalo Cow milk blend.  A creamy, unique and complex cheese.
Heide Alpine-style cow’s milk cheese
Banquo Our homage to Ossau Iraty.  Aged, natural Rind 100% sheep milk cheese
Fleance The son of Banuqo.  Reminiscent of a Manchego
Montague Cow and Sheep milk blend cheese.  Relatively mild in flavor
Donatello Aged, 100% sheep milk cheese with a nutty flavor
Feta Made with 100% sheep milk
Goat Milk Cheddar

Snow-white, award-winning, 100% goat milk cheese


A Cheddar-style, award-winning goat and cow milk blendd

Gouda Smooth textured, mild and slightly sweet cheese
Smoked Gouda Gouda that has been naturally smoked over hickory chips at our local butcher Straka Meats

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